Selected Nonfiction


Hunger Cues. Published on The Wheeler Centre Notes. 21/3/2019

Bad drivers. Published in Meanjin, Summer 2018.

big beautiful female theoryPublished in The Lifted Brow #39. 3/9/2018

Diet Culture Rules Everything Around Me.  Published on Meanjin, 12/03/2018

Woman on the moon. Published on The Lifted Brow. 31/01/2018

Finger Licking. Published on Scum Mag, 19/2/15

Selected Comics

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All the real thin bodies trapped inside my fake fat onePublished by Going Down Swinging, #40. 17/11/2019

CorioPublished by Reading Victoria. 10/9/2018

The Museum of Everything We Tried to Throw AwayPublished in The Suburban Review #10: The Stellar Edition. 5/5/2018

Radical self-care. Published on TEXT. 1/5/2018

Peaches. Published on Girls Will Be Girls. 21/11/17

Diary of a Post-Teenage Girl. Column. Published on Scum Mag, 2016–2017

The Pit. Republished on The Lifted Brow website. 16/10/15

Feral. Published on CHART Collective. 25/9/15

Selected PoetryTONYAHARDING.png

I wanna be your dog and Dear old women in the shower blocks at the pool I love youPublished by Cosmonauts Avenue, May 2019.

I can’t stop thinking about how fancy and intimidating my death is going to bePublished by Meanjin. 16/10/2018

This one goes out to the CC Babcocks of the world. Published by Cordite. 1/8/2018

Reading a list of celebrities who own islands as self-care. Published by Cordite. 1/5/2018

Good, clean feminine hygiene suite (feat rex hunt) Published by IBIS House. 18/03/2018

Independent Woman Published by The Spinoff (NZ). 16/02/2018

 Selected Criticism


Forgive her, for she knows not what she draws. Published by Sydney Review of Books. 23/10/2019

A Wound of One’s Own: Imperfect by Lee Kofman. Published by Sydney Review of Books. 7/8/2019

Flesh World: a visual review of My Nudity Means NothingPublished by Running Dog. 2/7/2019

‘An Honest MIFF-Take: Week Three of a Festival Diary.’ Published by The Lifted Brow. 21/8/2018

‘An Honest MIFF-Take: Week Two of a Festival Diary‘. Published by The Lifted Brow. 14/8/2018

‘An Honest MIFF-Take: Week One of a Festival Diary’. Published by The Lifted Brow. 7/8/2018

Public displays of affection: A review of Hera Lindsay Bird’s Pamper Me To Hell & Back.  Published by The Lifted Brow, 16/03/2018

Articulating the Inarticulable: A review of Alice Chipkin and Jessica Tavassoli’s Eyes Too Dry: A Graphic Memoir about Heavy Feelings.  Published by The Lifted Brow, 3/11/17

Illustrations and Collaborations


Illustration for ABC Radio NationalPublished 8/9/2019

Dispatch from the Future Fish. Collaboration with Darlene Silva Soberano. Published by Cordite, 1/2/2019.

Illustrations for The Supermarket of Discomfort Chapbook.  Published on QPF Website, 5/10/2018

Illustrator in Residence for Queensland Poetry Festival 2018

Comics diarist in residence for NYWF 2016



Memoir editor, Scum Magazine. August 2017–January 2019

Editor, AntiTHESIS. June – September 2015

Intern, Meanjin Quarterly. December 2014–June 2015

Intern, The Lifted Brow. September–December 2013

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