Selected Nonfiction


Hunger Cues. Published on The Wheeler Centre Notes. 21/3/2019

Bad drivers. Published in Meanjin, Summer 2018.

big beautiful female theoryPublished in The Lifted Brow #39. 3/9/2018

My Highlighter is 100% Brighter Than The SunPublished on Meanjin. 4/7/2018

Diet Culture Rules Everything Around Me.  Published on Meanjin, 12/03/2018

Woman on the moon. Published on The Lifted Brow. 31/01/2018

Stop Including Reality TV in Your Self-care Routine. Published on VICE. 06/10/2017

Body Modification as Gendered Spectacle in Dallas Buyers Club. Published on Peephole Journal Issue #4. 13/3/16

Finger Licking. Published on Scum Mag, 19/2/15


Selected Comics

51c3753e-ddc8-4780-a71f-f79ef646918e (1)CorioPublished by Reading Victoria. 10/9/2018

To new beginningsPublished on Going Down Swinging. 14/5/2018

The Museum of Everything We Tried to Throw AwayPublished in The Suburban Review #10: The Stellar Edition. 5/5/2018

Radical self-care. Published on TEXT. 1/5/2018

Advice comic. Published on Advice Comics Tumblr. 8/12/17

Peaches. Published on Girls Will Be Girls. 21/11/17

Vincent and the Four SeasonsPublished in Castles in the Sky II.

Your Tits Come From NowherePublished in The Lifted Brow #32: The Capital Issue. 1/12/2016

Diary of a Post-Teenage Girl. Column. Published on Scum Mag, 2016–2017

The Pit. Republished on The Lifted Brow website. 16/10/15

Feral. Published on CHART Collective. 25/9/15


Selected Poetry

If Austin Powers were godPublished by IBIS HOUSE. 14/12/2018

I can’t stop thinking about how fancy and intimidating my death is going to bePublished by Meanjin. 16/10/2018

This one goes out to the CC Babcocks of the world. Published by Cordite. 1/8/2018TONYAHARDING.png

Reading a list of celebrities who own islands as self-care. Published by Cordite. 1/5/2018

Good, clean feminine hygiene suite (feat rex hunt) Published by IBIS House. 18/03/2018

Independent Woman Published by The Spinoff (NZ). 16/02/2018

Loving you makes somehow less sense than the time-travel device in Donnie Darko and Times when life is like that song ‘Ironic’ by Alanis Morissette, not literally ironic but inconvenient, fucked or borderline cruel.  Published by Queen Mob’s Teahouse. 8/02/2018

Vincent and the Four Seasons.  Published by LOR Journal. 06/10/2017

No offence but furries are super fucked up. Published by Scum, 06/10/2017

 Selected Criticism


‘An Honest MIFF-Take: Week Three of a Festival Diary.’ Published by The Lifted Brow. 21/8/2018

‘An Honest MIFF-Take: Week Two of a Festival Diary‘. Published by The Lifted Brow. 14/8/2018

‘An Honest MIFF-Take: Week One of a Festival Diary’. Published by The Lifted Brow. 7/8/2018

Public displays of affection: A review of Hera Lindsay Bird’s Pamper Me To Hell & Back.  Published by The Lifted Brow, 16/03/2018

Articulating the Inarticulable: A review of Alice Chipkin and Jessica Tavassoli’s Eyes Too Dry: A Graphic Memoir about Heavy Feelings.  Published by The Lifted Brow, 3/11/17

No Country for Old Ways: On the new normal in American indie cinema. Published by MIFF.

Nasty Baby. Published by The Age. 12/8/15

Illustrations and Collaborations


Illustrations for Women & Witchcraft Menu and Exhibition Guide. 23/11/2018

Illustrations for The Supermarket of Discomfort Chapbook.  Published on QPF Website, 5/10/2018

Illustrator in Residence for Queensland Poetry Festival 2018

Poster for Bunjil Place Art Fair 2017

Illustration for The Lifted Brow #37


Memoir editor, Scum Magazine. August 2017–January 2019

Editor, AntiTHESIS. June – September 2015

Intern, Meanjin Quarterly. December 2014–June 2015

Intern, The Lifted Brow. September–December 2013




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