Grilling Me Softly header
Image is copyright of Rowan Moyle, used with express permission


Grilling Me Softly is a series of photographic portraits and interviews with emerging artists, musicians and creative people living and working out of Melbourne, Australia.
I wanted to create a blog that dissolved false distinctions and hierarchies that isolate concurrent creative movements in Melbourne. I intend the space to act as an inter-disciplinary platform, fostering conversation between individuals and groups participating in a variety of art forms. To put it a little less loftily I like to chat to people a bit and find out why they do what they do.


N.B: All above images are copyright of Eloise Grills

Interviewees are selected for their expertise in diverse areas, and have included unapologetically nasty and nastily unapologetic drag artists, Bey-obsessed professional dancers, intimidatingly adult collage artists, Blinky Bill-obsessed fashion designers, feminist erotic film directors, crazy-in-sync music and visual art collaborators, and everything in between.

I ask subjects to speak about their practices openly and on their own terms, without being pressured to perform, and allow a long-form context for each artist to talk in depth about their craft. The photographic portraits (as above) are composed in 35mm, and aim to reflect this frank simplicity.

So here’s what I do with it:

  • I write it, manage all the online content and layout for it, copy edit and proof-read everything before publishing
  • I research subjects, their disciplines and formulate questions
  • I liaise with subjects, both by email and over phone
  • I interview subjects, both over the phone and in person, and transcribe the interviews
  • I photograph subjects utilising my Minolta SRT-Super filled with 35mm film
  • And then I promote the blog through Facebook and Instagram

If you or anyone you know would like to participate in the project, please get in contact, either at this site or at Grilling Me Softly.

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