Tutoring Experience


Junior English Tutor, The In-Tuition Centre
Sunshine, Melbourne
September, 2013–Present

Skills and Responsibilities

  • Teaching a variety of writing styles and language skills to students from Year Six to Nine
  • Teaching writing skills, learning strategies, and studying techniques to students in VCE English
  • Developing lesson plans to cater students of varying skills levels
  • Creating lessons which endeavour to stimulate and engage young people in their own learning
  • Working both in a class-room situation and one-on-one

Volunteer English Tutor (ESL), The Asylum Seeker Welcome Centre
Brunswick, Melbourne
June 2013–Present

Skills and Responsibilities

  • Differentiating lessons to cater to a range of English learning levels simultaneously
  • Preparing and developing lesson plans
  • Being sensitive of client’s past experiences in developing lesson topics
  • Liaising with other instructors in order to develop well-meaning language structures.



ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) Tomizawa Elementary School
Sendai, Japan
July–December, 2012

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