Masters of Creative Writing, Editing and Publishing, University of Melbourne.
(N.B: Dorky Grad Photo 3.0 Currently Under Construction)



Eloise Grills graduation
Dorky Grad Photo 2.0 (copyright of Eloise Grills)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours in English) University of Melbourne
Major: English and Theatre Studies
Thesis Title: Between Liminality and the Liminoid: The Continuum of Cultural Resistance in the Performances of Andy Kaufman
Thesis Mark: High Distinction
Course Average: High Distinction



eloise grills graduation
Dorky Grad Photo 1.0 (copyright of Eloise Grills)


Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) University of Melbourne
Overall Average: High Distinction
Study Abroad: McGill University, September 2009-April 2010
Scholarships: Melbourne Global Mobility Scholarship, U21 Scholarship


VCE, Shelford Girls Grammar
ENTER: 98.25
Scholarships: 75% Academic Scholarship.
Awards: VCE Subjects Awards (Denoting Highest SAC Achievement of class) for English, History, Literature, and Art)

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